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At which hand size fits the right Anir mouse?
Hand width: 7 - 8,8 cm Anir Small\Medium
Hand width: 8,8 – 10 cm Anir Large
Cursor does not move at all
• The mouse may not have been detected by your computer (see “Mouse Not Detected” ).
• The optical sensor may be blocked
(see “Cursor Jumps or Sticks” ).
• You may be using the mouse on an incompatible surface. Make sure you are not using your mouse on a transparent surface like glass or a reflective surface like a mirror; on a rough or porous surface that is not smooth; or on a surface with complex graphic and color patterns.
Cursor Jumps or Sticks
Dust, dirt or crumbs may be lodged on the edge of the optical sensor opening on the bottom of the mouse. Gently blow or brush the obstructing material away with a soft cloth. However, do not insert any objects through the opening.
Mouse Not Detected
• Make sure the mouse is plugged into the correct port.
• Make sure your computer ports are properly set up (for example, not disabled). Check with your computer system dealer or manufacturer if you need help.
• Make sure you do not have any conflicts among devices connected to your computer.
• Make sure you have a compatible operating system for the type of mouse you purchased.
• If mouse still does not function, restart computer and reconnect mouse.
With which operating systems is the Mouse compatible?
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and later MAC OS 10 X v10.4.X, v10.5.X (no scroll function)
Various Linux distributions
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